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Get all you need right here, the mod, and maps. Just download and install and you're set.

Get the most recent version here:

TABA Version IVb Installer

Get the older version here: (even older versions available below)

TABA Version III Installer

An uninstaller to revert to OTA is also available here: TABA Uninstaller


TABA maps

Includes all TABA originals, custom made by Ba: Acid Lake, Forbidden Isles, Green Assault, Green Assault V2, and Metal Maze.

TAWP maps

Includes TAWP originals, custom made by Wotan: Cold Everlasting, Expanded Desert, Spring Dawning, Supreme Conflict Revised, Tantus Awakens, TAWP_Double Crossing, TAWP_Seven Arms, TAWP_Supreme Conflict, TAWP_War of the Gods, Valley of the Gods

Other available downloads:

TABA Version IVb Multiplayer Complete

TABA Missions Installer

TABA Version II Installer

TABA Mission 1 <- will need TA_Features_2009 (updated fix of Tamec2004)

Mission Installation: It is recommended that you download the Auto Installer above. If you prefer to manually install, download the above two files, extract TA_Features_2009.zip and copy TABAMissions.ufo and TA_Features_2009.ccx into C:\CAVEDOG\TOTALA_TABA, or wherever your TABA Directory is located.

TABA Version II Complete

TABA Version I

TABA Beta 1

TABA Beta 3.2

TABA Beta 3.5b

TABA Beta 3.7 Final

TABA 1.0 Beta D

TABA 1.0 Beta E

TABA pre F



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