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About TABA

TABA is a mod that is always changing with each release. However, you can expect that each TABA version will be a step forward into creating a more entertaining and balanced game that requires less micromanagement (ability to do many things in a small amount of time). Instead, the game is designed to be more about the strategy of unit choice, economic decisions, and attack operations.

For a more thorough overview of TABA, complete with pictures and screenshots, please see this thread.

For all those who helped make TABA possible, and helped with the website design, ect., I have listed them below: TA:ESC, Zwzsg, TA power, UH, MADTA, Infusion Designs, Metal Storm Design, Unlimited Units, Conrad Units, TLL, TAWP, Devolution, Bidigam, TRO and Talon, Creation Matrix Units, Wotan, Boogie, Archdragon, Bluewolf, Warlord, Matman, Overkill, Cory (WAR_Machine), Zodius, LIST TO BE CONTINUED



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