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Welcome to the TABA website. Look around here for all you'll need for this TA mod.

Last Updated

Who is up for some TABA? Two years since the last update, but I'm in the mood for some TABA Version IVb games. View the Online Play section of the site to see how to connect.

TABA Version IVb has been released, and the TABA Mission is also available under the downloads section.

1:08am - Saturday - 12/29/09
TABA Version III has been released.

8:00pm - Thursday - 9/17/09
The new TABA Version II auto installer is available in the downloads section. Just double click and it will install TABA for you! Also available is the uninstaller to revert back to OTA.

1:00pm - Monday - 9/7/09
This site has been updated! Look around at the pretty new setup.

12:00pm - Tuesday - 7/28/09
TABA Version II has been released.

3:00pm - Friday - 6/19/09
TABA Version I is out: rev31.gp3 (if you've had TABA versions before), TABA Version I (complete install). So go get it and let's play! Also notice the newly added TABA maps.ufo and TAWP maps.ufo in the Downloads section. Those of you who do not have TA, you can ask me how to get it via email: globsofketchup (at) aim (dot) com, or msn: Ba5017 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Then, remove the file CavedogUnits.ufo (move or delete) and download TABA Version I, place all the files in C:/CAVEDOG/TOTALA or your TOTALA TABA folder and hit Replace ALL.

4:46pm - Monday - 12/8/08
TABA is back in, after much delay. TABA games will likely be held on Sundays at around 7 or 7:30 U.S. central. Get on msn at around this time to participate.

11:58pm - Monday - 12/31/07
A new Beta version prior to version 1.0 is available: TABA 1.0 Beta D. Please check the download section to download this beta.

8:51pm - Tuesday - 7/10/07
Again, welcome to this fairly new site, with its brand new domain. I would just like to inform everyone that there is a new TABA version available, TABA beta 3. You can get this from the link at the forum, or it is also available here in the downloads section. Heck, you can also just click here.

1:07am - Thursday - 7/5/07
Attention all beta testers! I have posted a beta available on this site in the downloads section. Everyone is welcome to play online games with me and a few others. Simply sign on to msn and make sure you have the gamers added (msn addresses in Online Play section). Expect games hopefully tomorrow (7/5/07 - really today for me :P), and in the next few days. Happy gaming to everyone!



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